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Engineering Transformation

Is Engineering Enterprise Intelligent Transformation Difficult?
1. Simple introduction
2. Why is it more and more difficult to do traditional business now?
3. What are the pain points of traditional business?
4. Is it difficult for engineering to transform intelligently?
5. How do engineering companies intelligently control complex business processes?
6. How to transform offline business online?
7. SMEMetal Enterprise
  A procurement platform that integrates Engineering industry companies, it connects buyers and suppliers to achieve digital transformation for heavy industries in Malaysia and other regions.
8. SMEMetal Platform
Invest up to MYR 100,000 to create a decentralized system and blueprint, and become the only Engineering Industry incubator in Malaysia. Planning and integration will stand on the front of the field to achieve a win-win situation.
9. SME Metal Enterprise mission, vision and value

Engineering Marketplace

Every manufacturing company faces the same question in terms of product range: "Should we manufacture, buy ready-made products or look for subcontracting suppliers?".
No matter which business method you choose, you can of course use these three methods together. There is now a free-to-use website that will provide comprehensive end-to-end information covering the latest products and services. Support almost all manufacturing solutions.
The Engineering Marketplace website ( was officially launched on January 1, 2021. It represents a unique collaboration of leading industrial engineering technology. The purpose of its development is to enable manufacturers to provide any technical support professional and trusted Recognized suppliers to establish contacts, products and niche services required. As the engineering market in Malaysia, Smemetal will provide you with a wealth of information to support smart business decisions.
Users can simply select categories related to their needs, and use subcategories to help centralized search, or choose from industries, or even search for their product or service requirements in free text search. Regional filters can be selected for suitable suppliers between regions and countries. After filtering, all potential businesses are "fixed" on the graphic map, allowing users to query each personal profile and each company's website link.
The "search box" search box means that customized products and services can be quickly identified without having to use an Internet browser to receive large amounts of information. Moreover, with the continuous plan to continuously expand the content and functions of the website, Smemetal visitors will be able to find the latest technical content and current company information with confidence.

Menara Taming Sari Drum Shaft

Large CNC turning High Tensile Steel 4140QT supply by E STEEL SDN BHD and CNC turned by Kuen Engineering to repair and maintenance on Menara Taming Sari Drum Shaft.

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