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Welcome to Visible Engineering Services Sdn Bhd

Pumps are commonly used in industries to transfer liquid from one station to another. The liquid can be abrasive and corrosive chemicals, waste water or high temperature fluid which causes wear and tear to the pumps and mechanical seals. As such the need of repair and overhaul of pumps is necessary for optimum functioning.  

Visible Engineering's core competency is to arrest these problems effectively for all types of industries.
We are an engineering company specialize in :
servicing, repair and overhaul of various types of pumps used in  all types of industries including marine, manufacturing, chemical, water / waste treatment plants etc.
We do trouble shooting for pumps upon request and repair / replace mechanical
seals & other related parts for pumps.
We specialize  in various pumps to convert from gland packing to high quality mechanical seal.
We select and supply new bare pump and pump set as per customer requirement.
We design and fabricate new agitators and mixers with mechanical seal  as per customer requirement.
Last but not least, we do supply all types of pumps, motors, gear box, blowers, high quality mechanical seal & gland packing, joint sealant tapes, high temperature graphite tapes , viton oil seals , gasket etc