Smemetal Enterprise


Toyo Tanso is dedicated to unlocking the unlimited future potential held by carbon, and continues to pursue its goal of producing materials of ideal quality. In 1974 we became the first company in Japan to develop isotropic graphite, significantly expanding the possibilities of carbon use. Our products are now widely used in a variety of cutting edge technology fields, including the semi-conductor and aerospace industries. We base our values on our results and reliability as a pioneering manufacturer, and aim to be a global company that makes a valuable contribution to society.

Pioneer of the industry in developing isotropic graphite

Our business is graphite, a type of carbon produced at high temperatures of about 3,000℃. Graphite conducts electricity well because it has an even crystal structure. Graphite has been developed over the years to make it finer and more stable. We were the pioneers in our industry in developing a new material called “isotropic graphite” by cold Isostatic press, the result of many years of research and development. Isotropic graphite resolves many of the problems previously associated with carbon.

PERMA-FOIL® is a flexible graphite sheet made from specially processed natural graphite without use of a binder. Special processing developed by us gives it a flexibility and compression recovery not found with conventional graphite products. These qualities ensure a snug fit with contacting parts, therefore it is widely used as a seal, to note automotive gaskets and packing.


Pioneer of graphite products

Our isotropic graphite has the following features: excellent heat and electricity conduction, superb temperature and chemical durability, lightweight and easy to machine, and minimum friction and wear. These characteristics mean it is used in wide range of industries with the highest standards of reliability, most notably for atomic power, electric discharge machining and semi-conductors. Toyo Tanso is a pioneering company and a leader in the global industry. We have recently developed a diverse range of new products. These include functional composite materials, utilizing coating technology for the surfaces of graphite products. We continue on our mission of creating graphite with ever-greater functionality.