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GI sheet, Cold Roll Sheet, Zinc Galvanized

GI Sheets (MOQ 1 Tonne)

GI stands for Galvanized Iron, Galvanization is the process of coating zinc in iron Sheets.

Benefits of Galvanization

  • It forms a coating of zinc which, prevents corrosive substances from reaching the surface of iron
  • The zinc serves as a protective agent, so if there will be a anode reaction which will lead to protect against rust.
  • The zinc protects its base metal by corroding before iron. So the Iron sheets will be protected even if its in touch with the air.
Product GI Plate
Type/Grade Zinc Galvanized Finishing
Thickness 0.5mm up to 10mm

4ft x 8ft

5ft x 10ft

Minimum Quantity  1 Tonne

*This item available for Profile Cutting (Laser Cutting)