Smemetal Enterprise



Chukee Engineering Services Shd. Bhd. is multi-disciplined engineering firm established in the year 2005, specializing in servicing machineries and provide customized machining services. We are proficient in designing, fabricating and commissioning of customized equipment and machineries. We have more than 5 years experience in pressure, temperature and torque calibration service. In 2019, our calibration scope has expanded with Multi Gas Detector calibration.

In 2009, a subsidiary company CES Radiance Enterprise Sdn Bhd was formed. CES Radiance Enterprise Sdn Bhd is mainly supplying machinery parts, equipment and some other product requested by customers. Equipment are available for rental such as diesel driven engine water pump, welding sets, load cells, hydro-testing pumps, pressure recorders and etc.

Chukee Engineering Services are vastly experience in the oil & gas and related industries for more than 8 years. We also accept request & work orders for other mechanical services. Our mission is to provide product with good quality and precision.