Smemetal Enterprise


CHAMPION Precision Engineering Pte Ltd was established in 1985 and evolved to be one of the World Leading Manufacturers as a One-Stop Solution Provider for Quality Precision Machining and Mechanical Assemblies to meet the varying needs of today’s customers.  Our Vision and future growth will be to move up the value chain to provide sub-assemblies and even full integration in the near future.

Today, CHAMPION is a multi-million dollar company.  With a highly trained team of 280 committed personnel, we have formed a culture of uncompromising standards for excellence in services and reliability in every of our products delivered.

Riding on the opportunities of outsourcing trend by Multi-National Corporations, CHAMPION has over the years have managed and realized 49 percent of our total sales from these MNCs globally.  These industries are Consumer Electronics and Semiconductors, Flows and Regulators, Electro-Optical Instruments, Medical Equipments, Aerospace and Automotive Components.

At CHAMPION, the Directors believe in Intellectual Property of its customers. To stay competitive, we can no longer compete on cost efficiency, instead we should continuously upgrade our capabilities, in people and innovation, and put in place robust systems, processes and practices to be able to move into the next new growth cycle.