Smemetal Enterprise



In 2005, Anoz Group started its first operation as Union Aluminium Co. Ltd. in Suzhou, China, as a trading company for aluminium raw material products. Due to the fast changing business environment, Anoz quickly grew and expanded its business ventures by setting up a manufacturing plant in Suzhou, China that focuses on producing high precision and good quality 6061 aluminium plates. Today, where globalization is inevitable, we are proud to have established strong and secure branches in China, Malaysia, and Thailand.


Apart from expanding our market horizon, we are also gradually diversifying and broadening our trading activities to include engineering plastic, stainless steel, copper, brass, and bronze. All our products are widely utilized and applied across various industries, sectors, and geographical regions.


At present, our team is aggressively transforming towards being the one stop solution provider for raw material industries by optimizing our supply chain processes through effective and tailored services. With a strong passion for sales excellence, we aim to provide valuable and cost effective product advice to our customers. We ensure that all our customers' needs and demands are diligently met.


In a rapidly-evolving world where productivity and innovation are vital to the survival and profitability of an organization, we persistently sharpen our competitive edge with the objective of meeting our customers' increased expectations consistently  Beyond the selling and trading affairs, we strongly believe in delivering value added services to our customers . To us, our customers' success is our success.